Artist Websites

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Element of Light-Graphite-BetsyG

A talented artist who works in various mediums. Her work and perspective are shared on this site.

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e,HARRIS .m4a -smokeRISER

A band with an electronic techno style. The songs range from Industrial to classic Rock and Roll.

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Bounty Hunter-Kepler-90h   Coming Soon

Science Fiction scratch built or kit bash figures, conveyances and props. Custom made items from recycled and repurposed materials.

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Gilbert Art Blog (GAB)

The hub of the Gilbert Publishing Network is where traffic crisscrosses to get to the catalogs. The primary interest pursuit leads users to bump into other content that may be compelling to them.

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Gilbert Music

A site for independent musicians to highlight their work.  To be considered  Submit wav. or mp3 files.

Happy Face track 4 finished.m4a-smokeRISER
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The main repository for image and audio files. Many of these are not on our sites or in our catalogs. Most images may be purchased upon request.