GP is a group effort, born out of necessity, that puts our talents on the market. It is our great fortune to be blessed with the skills and platforms to succeed. You can self publish on the Net at no cost.

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Web Development

A internal network has been cultivated centered around the Gilbert Art Blog  where the catalogs reside. Visitors move around within the sub domains which enhance the chances of running into other original content.

Marketing Strategies

The goal is to develop site traffic organically.  Having the look and feel of a Gallery is essential. Corporate Ads are mostly clutter with marginal returns on the space investment. Sponsorship of artists/musicians is a great way to increase exposure for all involved.

Direct Sales

Self publishing on this site is only the beginning. Simply provide a buy, donate or an ecommerce site tag that we associate with your item(s), We sell directly through the  Square ecommerce platform. 

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The Art Blog

We rely on the insights and experiences of  others to help hone our particular craft. That is why we encourage the submission of articles and associated images. Writers need a place to start as well. Fresh content is a key to success for us all.  

Web Access

Through the process of surfing this site we hope  that you are enlightened in some regard. Uncomplicated Web presence is at your finger tips. We believe that a natural draw to our sites develops with the multiple points of contact. 

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